Rays Med/Engg Entrance Coaching Center

About Rays

Rays, through these years after its inception, had made all efforts and were in the forefront in using all possible sophistications, up to the maximum satisfaction of its students and parents.

Years back itself, Rays had started using the OMR valuation method, which actually is an exact imitation of the entrance examination, with the generation of the results within the shortest period and with auto updation of the progress report of the students. Rays had pioneered the efforts in reaching up to the parents at their fingertips, with the complete updation of their child’s details including the academic data, through our mobile application named RAYS CONNECT, which probably, is the first of its kind in the whole of the nation.

Rays had proactively implemented the online examination platform, thereby providing experience on E-device based exams to our students and also real time generation of result and rank list. With the changing scenario to cater to the requests and needs of the students worldwide, who are the aspirants to the prestigious educational institutions in India, practically that of technological and medical education, and their parents, Rays has now launched our new online educational platform , RAYS ONLINE, through which students anywhere in the world can get enrolled to any of our various courses and get access to their intended classes, live doubt clearance ,daily online exams and home assignments.

Team Rays

Mr. Rajesh S.K
Mr. Naseer
Mr. Dileep
Mr. Afzal
Ms Abhina Jyothi
Manager Finance
Mr Vinod Raj
Manager - Hostel
Ms. Vijayalakshmy
Public Relations Officer
Ms Jasiya
Quality Analyst