RAYS – Making every student a success story

RAYS Education was established in 2005 with the aim of providing and enhancing excellent education in the disciplines of engineering and medical. With its corporate office in Calicut, Kerala, RAYS has now grown to include Kannur, Vadakara, and Trivandrum.

Every year, over 2500 students qualify to study engineering and over 500 students qualify to study medicine at RAYS.

RAYS is always ahead of the curve in providing the best to its students. For example, Rays Online,the mobile platform, is now subscribed to by several hundred students every year and the number continues to grow.

The fact that RAYS helps students realise their potential and provides them with the best teaching tools and methods puts RAYS in a class of its own in its segment. RAYS online envisions a world where every learner has access to education to fulfil their potential.

About Us

RAYS also has a integrated school to provide young people with a receptive Higher Secondary education. Here RAYS focus on students who are highly motivated, self-disciplined and have a strong desire to reach greater heights in a medical or engineering profession.

Over the last two decades, RAYS has been constantly adapting and improving to offer a little more to the students every time. The numerous success stories are a testimony to the vision of RAYS. To learn more about RAYS, please log on to www.rayseducation.org

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